Roadmap Development: Resources

Roadmap Development: Resources

Are you looking for helpful resources? You may simply want to increase your knowledge about some relationship issue or explore an area for growth in your personal journey in life. Perhaps you’re struggling with relationship stress or mental health issues, and you are not able to participate in professional therapy sessions. Maybe you’re already in therapy and you’d like to learn more about your issues. You could be trying to help someone you know who is going through a tough time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some type of resource assistance in this section of our website. 

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The resources that you can access on this website are selected materials listed by category. You will find various lists of helpful books presented in bibliographical style. There are blog entries and articles written personally by Dr. Baker or by selected guest writers. Some material is offered in audio format (Podcast) which you can listen to while on-line, or you can download the lessons and listen to them at your convenience. You will also see relevant on-line website addresses which will point you to resources described more fully elsewhere on the Internet. Some references may be listed in multiple categories. Additional categories will be added as new materials are developed or located. If you have recommendations about helpful resources, your ideas will be welcomed. Leave your suggestions in a message on Dr. Baker’s Subscription & Message page.
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